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Here Are Several Comparisons Between Horizontal and Vertical Fencing

When looking for the right fence for your property, there are many factors, like size, style, and material. If you’re leaning towards a wood fence for your yard, have you weighed the options of horizontal and vertical fencing? While vertical fencing is a classic staple in fencing options for many homeowners, horizontal fencing is also growing in popularity because of its unique, modern look. So, how do you know which one is right for your property? Here are a few points for you to compare and contrast the two. 


Here are the pros and cons of vertical and horizontal fencing.

What’s Your Aesthetic Of Your Fencing? 

There’s a reason why so many homeowners have vertical fences on their properties. They have a neutral look that compliments most house types, including townhomes. Horizontal fences, however, are touted for a polished, elegant look. This style of fencing looks great with any modern home with clean lines or if you’d like to create an everyday oasis in your yard. 

What’s Your Property Grading? 

Vertical fences are great for sloped or graded properties. Since vertical fencing boards are long and thin, they are easily adjusted up and down to contour your specific terrain, leaving little space between the ground and the fence, no matter the sloping. Horizontal fences have much larger panels that must stay level with the bottom board, so going down a slope will leave gaps at the bottom between panels. 

What’s Your Fencing Budget? 

Generally, vertical fences are more cost-effective than horizontal fences because they are not prone to sagging. Since they have more extended spaces between posts and the wood on its side, gravity may pull the middle part of the slat down, creating a sagging effect over time. To prevent sagging, the lumber must be of a higher grade, which can be more expensive. 

However, vertical fencing tends to rot and degrade quicker than horizontal fences because the exposed end of the boards are faced up and are therefore more directly exposed to the elements. Those exposed ends face the side with a horizontal fence, so they don’t crack or rot as quickly. This means you may need to replace vertical boards more often, adding to the overall investment. 

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