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Customizing a Wooden Fence

A residential wood fence is classic and all-American. There are a variety of ways to customize a wood fence without breaking your bank.

A residential wood fence is classic and all-American. There are a variety of ways to customize a wood fence without breaking your bank. Fences are normally installed for many reasons. First, fences provide safety, security, and privacy. Second, fences are a decorative way to add to your home improvement. Third, fences are a great way to keep young children from being unsafe or lurking too far away from home. Whatever the reason may be, there is a lot to consider when customizing a wood fence. Keep reading for things you should think about!


Wooden fences are often cheaper to install and easier to repair or replace if damaged but harder to clean. Vinyl and aluminum fences provide the comfort of being easier to clean but metal is often hard to replace. What can happen over time with vinyl or aluminum fences is that some parts of it can become obsolete and the entire fence has to be replaced. Wood is normally always replaceable but it’s best to talk to one of our professionals to see what’s right for you. Both wood and vinyl fences can suit your needs depending on what you’re looking for.


When making any purchase, it’s good to make a list. The list should prioritize what you need versus what you want. You may want a white picket fence due to style preference but you may have to ask yourself if it’ll keep you most secure or its the best choice for privacy. We do offer high-security fencing which is especially beneficial for a commercial property.

Typically, wooden fences are thick and provide a lot of coverage while vinyl fences have thinner panels. If style is your only concern, an aluminum fence gives your yard a sleek, open finish. Still, style doesn’t have to be thrown out of the window. Our cedar wood offers a rich look for any yard.


It is ideal for a wooden fence to last for years. The need to treat or repair parts of your fence is inevitable. Outside elements such as inclement weather can cause your fence to deteriorate. After all, wood is a natural element. Still, some woods are more durable than others. It’s best to heavily research. A wood fence also adds value to your home. A stylish fence and/or one that provides security is always a great selling point.


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