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How To Choose A Fence That Enhances Your Residential Property

How To Choose A Fence That Enhances Your Residential Property

When installing a new or replacement fence on your property, you’ll have many points to consider. Fences do a lot of work, but the different attributes of different types of fences allow them to do some of that work better than others. For example, a short decorative garden wall and a tall, solid privacy fence delineate a space. Still, the garden wall protects the area from unintended foot traffic but doesn’t block sight or access, and the privacy fence does both. The various choices you have to make during the fence planning process will be how you end up with a fence that complements and enhances your property rather than clashing. Read on for some great pointers.

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Enhance your fence with these tips.

Fencing Material For Residential Property

The material you choose for the fence will contribute to its personality. While wood is a traditional choice, it doesn’t have a lot of pizzaz, especially when it is just in a stockade-style privacy fence. Metal, on the other hand, has the potential to be eye-catching and different, especially wrought iron-style fences. 

However, they can also be imposing and a little intimidating, and in the wrong house, they will look entirely out of place. Think about the material that fits your home best before committing. Remember that with almost all fencing materials, you can eventually change it up by changing the finish with paint or stain.

Appropriate Height For Residential Property

It would help if you decided on the height of your fence based on your needs. Do you need to keep pets safely contained? Or do you need to completely block unauthorized access from an area, like a pool? Do you want people to be able to see over the fence easily or not at all? These needs require different fence heights and should be carefully considered before making a choice. 

Fence Direction

While most people automatically build fences perpendicular to the ground, the slats do not have to run that way. If there is a stylistic element of your home that is better complemented by horizontal fence direction, go for it!

Fence Style

Allow the style of your home to influence the fencing choices you make as well. Is your home ultra-modern? If so, a white wood picket fence might not be the answer. If you have a cute cottage or craftsman, on the other hand, integrating some lattice can help tie everything together.

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